Company Profile

With a passion for customer delight, Peninsula Precious Trading consistently strives to deliver maximum value and build long-lasting relationships. Peninsula's wide network of global offices and priority relationships with our suppliers give us with the ability to source the highest quality gemstones.

Our dedication to quality assures that every stone that we deliver has the full weight of our reputation and integrity standing behind it. Through our international network of factories and offices, we maintain close relationships with our clients offering stones in all shapes and sizes, both as individual stones and in bulk.


With more than 45 years’ experience Peninsula Precious Trading Co., Ltd. is one of the most trusted sources in the gemstones industry. Founded in Hongkong in 1968 Mr.Abdul Majeed Humayun built a company based on quality, trust and a mutually beneficial relationship with his clients then 1989 Mr. Abdul Majeed Humayun moved his company to Bangkok to be in the center of the world gem market five years later he was joined in the company by his son Mr. Deen Milhar.

Developing their sources in Africa, Asia and South America. Peninsula Precious Trading is a direct source for the world finest stones. Our buying offices in Bangkok, Chanthaburi and Hongkong as well as exhibiting in the Bangkok and Hong Kong Jewelry shows, giving our clients the best opportunity to purchase the finest gems at the price they need for their specific cliental.

We continue to build Peninsula on a foundation of unwavering focus on excellence, ethical in values and fairness, and uncompromising spirit of meritocracy.